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Natural Stones and How They can Make your Home Beautiful

Natural Stone is perfect for adding that chic and elegant element to your home. Pietra Gallery is an exclusive stone importer in Melbourne and brings forth quite a variety of natural stone for the beautification of your home.

Stone like marble and granite are the most common when it comes to home décor and furniture. Stone suppliers agree on the two as being easily available and easy to provide to stone wholesalers. In Melbourne, while it is common to use wooden furniture, stone is the primary material used for fireplaces and kitchen counters in accordance with safety and modernization, especially in new houses.

Marble itself is a stone that is most commonly used for aesthetic flooring. A favourite of stone suppliers, it is also resistant to scratches and cracking since it is a strong natural stone.

Granite, another favourite of all stone suppliers in Melbourne, is another natural stone that only helps in increasing the value of your home.

While marble and granite fall under the usual grey palette of stone, travertine and limestone will add a touch of colour to your house and help bring out its warm tones for your comfort.

While offering a supply of all four stones, Pietra Gallery helps homeowners add both warm and cool tones depending on their ideal colour combination. For example, our travertine and limestone stone will complement the colours and aesthetic of woodwork whilst giving you the supremacy of stone.

With numerous amounts of stone suppliers in Melbourne, it is not very difficult to acquire the particular stone you are looking for. Whether it be to create a countertop or even stone flooring, various stone importers can get you the exact product you need.

Pietra Gallery is one of them and, due to our unmatched services, quality of products and price range, we are at the top of the list of stone suppliers in Melbourne. As a major importer of natural stone, we are able to provide a high degree of satisfaction to all our customers with no room left for complaints. This is a result of our extensive expertise in selecting, procuring and supplying natural stone from all different corners of the world.

A major reason why natural stones are preferred in home decor is because of their variety and flexibility in design and application. Stone can be used in furniture and flooring for bedrooms, kitchens or even washrooms. The reason why stone suppliers of Melbourne prefer imported stone is because of its raw, crude form, which allows it to be a piece of intrigue.

While sandstone might be an Australian favourite when it comes to stone used for general construction, granite and marble are most likely to adorn the entirety of your home and are the most common stone for sale in the city of Melbourne. Even though sandstone is also a natural stone, stone suppliers don’t consider its demand as high or essential as the others.

If you are looking for quality stone suppliers who provide the best products and services, you can contact us at info@pietragallery.com.au for further details or even call us at 0397068653. Put your satisfaction first, and you’ll find yourself in our store!

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