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6 Common Myths About Natural Stone

In recent years, the internet has become an integral part of human life. It can be used in any field that comes to mind. In this blog, we will present and analyze some of the most common myths.
Unfortunately, some misconceptions about the use of natural stone in construction and design area have arisen among the people. We will take a look at some of the most common myths about natural stone and make the true facts known.

Myth 1: Natural Stone is Expensive

It is a common misconception among people. Most types of stones have reasonable cost with any renovation budgets. It draws many admirers due to its distinctive appearance and it is viewed as a luxury material. Certainly, factors such as source of stone, its availability and demand determine the cost and the prices which are obviously quite diverse.
The next point is the cost savings hidden behind natural stones due to long-term durability compared to other materials such as porcelain and …. So, it is more affordable than you imagine. In Pietra Gallery you will surely be shocked to see the affordable prices, professional services, and variety of stones.
Yes, you got it right. You can easily find the reasonable price among the various ranges of this popular material.

Myth 2: Natural Stone Is Not a Wise Investment

Let’s see if this belief is true. We know that one of the most important properties of natural stones is its high durability and invulnerability which means you will not get rid of it easily! It will stay with you until you decide get tired of it. Having said that you can see that natural stone is a practically wise investment. These properties guarantee that your investment will be returned. On the other hand, natural stones can increase your overall home’s value and make it more attractive to buyers. Unlike natural stones, manufactured products become out of fashion. Look at the buildings renovated or built with natural stone, their value has easily been increased with this slight shift.
By Using natural stones, you will live at ease of mind to get the best return on your investment.

Natural Stone Is a Wise Investment

Myth 3: Natural Stone Stains Easily

You are right if you worry about this, however by choosing high quality stones you can easily overcome this concern. It should be noted that most stains are treatable.
Do not forget that it is an inevitable problem for all surfaces including porcelain and reconstitute stone. However, a suitable solution is available for each of them which can be reached with a little bite of inquiry.
In Pietra Gallery we offer Premium Sure Seal to make sure you have plenty of stone-safe cleaning formula on-hand.
Another important point is to choose the type of natural stone for each part of the building. That means which stone you should use for the bathroom or which stone for kitchen. We offer you a free consultation which helps you have the most appropriate choices. Our Experts will tell you which type of stone tile or slab is best for your kitchen , bathroom or laundry and even for your outdoor areas where paving or pool coping are requited.

Myth 4: Natural Stone Is Delicate and Requires Too Much Maintenance

Many people think natural stone should not be used for benchtops. They believe that it is not durable enough to handle daily kitchen activities. But it is not completely true. Natural stone is an ideal choice because it is a hard and water-resistant .
Basically, types of natural stone require different methods for caring. Some stones such as marble or limestone are more sensitive and need more care but other types like dolomite , quartzite or granite are more dense . We suggest always use a cutting board when cooking on a stone counter specifically with acidic foods such as tomato sauce or lemons. Be careful not to place hot dishes directly on stone surface. Use light detergents and soft cloths to clean natural stones surfaces and clean up spills as soon as possible.

Myth 5: Lack of Diversity

The nature is a symbol of diversity. You will be surprised if you enter the infinite world of natural stone. The difference between one type of stone extracted from two quarries is amazing! There is a wide variety of textures, types, shapes and colors . The versatility, is a noteworthy point here. This versatility allows you to use natural stone in any area or your space.
You can get a wide assortment of finishes, colors and textures in Pietra Gallery products because of their variations.

Myth 6: Natural Stone Goes Out of Fashion

While home design material trends are always changing, natural stone has been used for hundreds of years. For centuries, it has been considered as one of the most important materials in the construction and interior design. Despite factors such as fashion changes, technological advances and the creation of various eye-catching artifacts, natural stone is still one of the first choices of interior designers, builders, architects, and homeowners. And because of man’s undeniable connection to nature, it will remain the top choice. Natural stone is a timeless material. It offers a sense of nature, life and grace.
Furthermore, as we said before, natural stone is considered as a luxury material and looks completely fashionable with the effect it gives to the space.

We assure you that the professional team of Pietra Gallery will provide you with all the key points of using and caring stones and the right advice to meet your needs. If you’d like to find a wide and diverse source of natural stone, you can visit our showroom / call 0397068653 or send Email to receive free samples.


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