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Kitchen Backsplash Trends

photo of marble splashback

Today, architects and kitchen interior designers view backsplashes as one of the most important parts of kitchens. Apart from their elegance and beauty, Kitchen backsplashes are easy-to-clean, vertical extensions to the kitchen countertops that protect the kitchen walls and spaces from being splattered with oil and food. They also prevent spilled liquids from leaking behind the kitchen cabinets. A backsplash can also help a kitchen look great. In the kitchen, this means protecting walls from any stains or spills that may happen during cooking. Whether you have a contemporary, modern or traditional kitchen, want a tile backsplash or a slab of natural stone, there are many ideal backsplash options to choose from for you.

What types of Kitchen Backsplash Materials are most suitable for your Cabinets? 

For everyone looking to match a backsplash with their cabinets, there are many options. The following are some of the best materials that you can choose as backsplash materials that could match well with most cabinets.


Cararra Marble
Cararra Marble

The beautiful veining in marbles are not often seen when just used on the bench top but when installed vertically, they become like an artistic painting.

When considering this option you need to make sure that you view pieces of the same stone in vertical and horizontal positions so that you can see how different they look. You must sure that you like the effect before approving it.

A marble backsplash is an tremendous choice to match with your cabinets. Whether you are looking for a bright marble to match or a darker marble to create contrast, there are plenty of options you can choose from. Marble countertops can really be a central point in any space and so can marble backsplashes. This natural stone is an excellent choice among homeowners looking to bring natural beauty into their home. Although the natural stone will require some care, especially if sealed it is one of the most durable choices for your home as well.

If you do not want a slab of marble, you can select a marble tiled backsplash. While tiling is one of the most common backsplash design ideas, bear in mind Carrara Marblethat you also need to deal with grout lines that you will not have with a slab. At the same time by selecting the patterned tiles you have the option of contrasting tiles with the group color which could gives more beauty to the backsplashes

You can also choose reconstituted stone for you kitchen backsplash which is a wise selection and has some benefits compared to natural stone but you also need to be mindful of the gap between the stovetop because not all reconstituted can resist high heat.

Granite and Quartzite

There are various reasons that granite is such a popular choice for homeowners. From granite countertops to backsplashes, kitchen island tops and more, this quartize and granite natural stone looks great in any kitchen, whether it is a modern kitchen or classic style. Since granite can be found in so many different colors and styles, it will not be difficult to find something that matches your cabinetry. When it comes to backsplash design, you truly cannot make a wrong choice with granite. The material is stunning, durable, and is resistant to scratching and burning, among many other positive qualities. Granite slabs are easy to clean and maintain, which makes a full size backsplash a great option for any kitchen.

image of Super White Quartzite
Super White Quartzite












If you have decided to add feelings of light life to your home, do not forget a travertine backsplash. This Terrific natural stone comes in a number of lighter hues, which make it a superb option for every kitchen. The lengthy streaks and consistent coloring of the stone appeal to many homeowners. Much like marble, choosing a travertine slab will maximize the effect of the stone’s beauty. You can also choose to install travertine backsplash tile.

Travertine – Philadelphia Silver
Travertine – Philadelphia Silver

Tile and Mosaic

From porcelain to ceramics tiles or white tiles to darker colored ones, there are many tile ideas you will find when it comes to backsplashes.

Large format porcelain tiles which has come to market in big sizes are becoming very popular for benchtops and backsplashes

You will be able to choose from different styles, such as subway tile, stone and porcelain mosaic tiles and more. You can also choose patterned tiles, such as herringbone and chevron.

Many homes feature traditional white subway tile backsplashes. White subway tile is a good fit for a white color scheme in your kitchen but note that tile is more difficult to clean than a slab.

Image for Bianco Cileo in Subway Tile format
Travertine – Philadelphia Silver , Saubway Tile
Image for Bianco Cileo Mosiac in Herringbone format
Bianco Cileo Mosiac in Herringbone








Glass and Metallic which comes with variety tuxtures are definitely one the best options for your backsplashes which can especially match your white kitchen .


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