Choose Your Natural Stone Slab at Our Showroom or Slab Gallery

Our clients can view our expansive product range at either of our two locations in Victoria.

At the Stone Gallery Showroom, clients can view our collection of stone, slabs, tiles and pavers ranging from granite, marble, limestone, travertine and quartz.

Our warehouse enables clients to walk through isles where we house our stone slabs, providing them with an immersive experience. Our stocks are ready for immediate delivery.

Sourcing and Procuring Slabs

Sourcing and Procuring Slabs

We are continually searching, sourcing, and procuring new slabs to keep in line with dynamic industry trends and to ensure our clients are getting the latest stone.

Our products are sourced from quarries all over the world, from Europe to Asia as well as local quarries from Australia.

We have long lasting relationships with our suppliers meaning we are quickly notified of their latest stone supplies.

Why Architects, Designers and Builders Choose Pietra Gallery

Industry experts turn to Pietra Gallery because of the quality of our products. we source the highest quality natural stone from across the world to ensure our clients receive unique and superior products.

Our extensive and high-quality product range ensures we can meet the design needs and tastes of any client.

Our staff offer expertise and knowledge of our products, styling and interior design, ensuring every project is effectively completed from planning to execution.

We also ensure efficiency of delivery in a manner our clients can rely on and trust.

By storing large quantities of world-class natural stone products in our Victorian Warehouse, we ensure we can meet the requirements of your project. Maintaining long -lasting relationships with domestic and international stone suppliers guarantees we keep pristine stone on hand for when it is needed.

Stone slabs in quarry