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Cement (Bone) (Cubes) (30×90)


Cement shows the finely structured surface and silky material acquired by the troweled concrete when aged according to  pedestrian use and the passage of time. The cement troweling process gives its a smooth surface and dynamism from the circular movement of the helicopter and. This same cement over time and pedestrian use acquires an asymmetric silky gloss that  just define the aspect of the surface reflected in all the tiles from this collection. Its a product that offers an attractive rich graphic, as a result of the polishing process which reveals the composition that forms the cement not losing the softness and refinement of its finish, carefully represented in Cement collection.

Produced in porcelain rectified gres of big sizes: 60x120cm for use on both, floors and walls exterior and interior; matching with its 30x90cm decorated with big volumes: Cubes and Mayolica, designed for atractive indoor atmospheres with strong personality, together with its corresponding pavement 30x30cm not rectified.


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