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Stone Project (Pulpis) for Floor

The Stone Project collection draws on the best and finest marbles from Spain and Italy: Pulpis, Calacatta Statuario and Travertino Royale Crosscut presented in carefully selected shades. They all are characterized by their distinction, uniqueness, elegance and great recognition in the world of architecture. All graphics come from stones of the highest quality, Pulpis Export version, Calacatta Superior and Travertino Royale Extra quality, all with elegant and subtle veining. Stone Project is recognized by a warm, soft and timeless range of colours, ranging from the purest white of Calacatta, through the light and dark beige from Travertine to the tortora color of the Pulpis. The entire collection is available in two types of finishes of stunning realism: high gloss polished for floors and natural finish for wall tiles.123


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