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Pool coping, Pool Pavers, Bullnose Coping, Travertine Pool Coping

Pool coping is a top layer which covers edges of the swimming pool structure. We can also describe pool coping is the caping or edging that is set around the top edge of the pools. It is also referred to in the market as pool edging or pool edge pavers. The purpose of using pool coping is to separate the pool structure from the pool decking, the adjacent surface area. Other than essentially being crucial, pool coping additionally helps to the pool structure, provides a visual finish and an opportunity for a decorative accent, which can significantly the upgrade appearance of the pool area. It characterizes the edge of your swimming pool, likewise plays a key role in defining your pool’s personality and design.

Pietra Gallery offers a full collection of Pool Coping, Pool Pavers, Bullnose and Drop Face coping, Travertine pool coping and Step Treads in stock at our Dandenong warehouse.

Pietra Gallery works with professional stonemasons who have withyears of experience . We run a team of qualified stonemasons and landscapers, who can take control of your pool renovation project here in Melbourne.


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