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Along With Their Aesthetics, Limestone Is Also Durable And Hardwearing

Limestone pavers are cut from the large blocks of limestone and can swiftly add beauty and elegance to a space, be it interiors or exterior, residential or commercial. With its precise depths that allure the desired designs, limestone can bring the extravagant, lavish look you are after.

In Melbourne, limestone pavers stand affirm to extreme temperature and are an ideal choice in creating elegant and poised walkways through the garden alley. They are also commonly used to stylise courtyards, patios, leisure walkways and breathtaking pool areas.

When compared to other materials like travertine, the porosity in limestone is visibly lower, making their surface area a little denser and smoother. And these days, homeowners love limestone for its sophisticated appeal and earthy tone.

Pietra Gallery’s collection of limestone pavers has a variety of colour hues and eye-catchy shades, from cool, opaque, warm or bright. One can even choose limestone paving in a tumbled finish or sandblasted finish to suit your designing goals.

  • Fossil Grey Limestone
  • Crema Luminous
  • Crema Imperial
  • Gohera Limestone

So, contact us for more details on limestone pavers and its variants.


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