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Marble Adds An Extra Touch Of Style Into Your Home

Marble is one of the oldest luxurious building materials that has been used by the wealthiest members of society the construction of palaces and villas. Nowadays, it is a become a go-to solution for most of the interior designers and architects.

Things To Know About Grey Marble Tiles In Melbourne:

You may not have known, but marble tiles are cut out of the stones. And the thing about marble is that the visuals produced are elegant, poised and delicate - yet it is one of the most durable and resilient stones in the market.

Where To Use Marble Tiles:

Grey marbles can add the touch of sophistication and elegance throughout your home or office buildings. So, there are a number of places where they can be added to help bring a room to life:

Kitchens: Marble tiles can turn your kitchen into the most luxurious space of your house. Using popular marble colors such as grey marble or white marble many other colors available we can help you to decide the aesthetics of your kitchen cabinets, bench tops and counters to develop an ultimate visual experience.

Bathrooms: Grey marble floor tile is commonly used for bathroom flooring, with this, it can also be used to cover bathroom walls. It is a practical solution for bathroom renovation, as it makes the cleaning and maintenance a convenient task.

Entryways: If you want to enhance the visual of the look of your entryway, grey marble tiles are known as a perfect solution.

Benefits of using grey marble:
  • It is easy to maintain, does not collect dirt or stain like other materials.
  • It is durable and water-resistant. This is why marble tiles are preferred as flooring solutions.
  • It has distinctive patterns and each marble has a uniqueness to it.

At Pietra Gallery, our main aim is to implement our expertise and experience at your disposal and create a home of your dream. We have years of experience in this field which enables us to provide you with the best, personalized solution. Contact us to browse our collection of grey marble in Melbourne.


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