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Stone Mosaic Tiles Create A Visually Pleasing Appeal That Gives Your Place A Vibrant Aesthetics

Stone Mosaic tiles are an elegant combination of patterns that gives your space a perfect finishing touch. When it comes to creating a mosaic-desired look, we use marble and travetrtine with a combination of squares, hexagons, herringbones, chevron and subway tiles to produce the stunning pattern that impacts the overall visuals.

Typically, mosaic patterns are perfect for walls, floors, bathroom or sometimes, commercial space. When combined with various options of the stones from Pietra Gallery in Melbourne, it gives your home or office space an elegant and heritage look.

Mosaic tiles can be used anywhere, our range comes in a variety of textures and materials when adding an extra feature to the bathroom floor or wall, kitchen splashback or any interior wall. The flexibility and easy maintenance of the mosaic tiles means they can be installed at a place of choice and intake on creative desire.

Stone Mosaic tiles from Melbourne are an excellent way to create a particular mood for outdoor areas. It comes in a variety of styles, colours and finishes; from Hexagonal , Square , Herringbone, Chevron and fish scale, as well as in pearl and matte finishes.

We also have a range of vitrified porcelain, square and mosaic patterns that have been designed to create a visual impact. Meaning, you can now create a vibrant artwork with the patterns on the surface at home or work.

At Pietra Gallery, we offer standard mosaic patterns and borders, as well as customized or individual design. And we understand that to develop a unique project, one needs inspiration and we believe you're in the right place. With years of experience, come and browse our collection of mosaics and let our team of experts help you.


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